Market Days Are Here Again

It has been a long wait, but we are happy to report that starting next week, we will be back in our market swing.

I’ll be posting our market schedule below on the website calendar and on Facebook.

Here is a preview of what harvests await:














Eight ball

Green beans and potatoes are coming to market, too.

Stay tuned for more!

Fresh picked cherries

Photos about the farm

Work is still underway to get all of the planted beds, well, planted. The cooler, wet start to the month of May has yielded to a warm, dry month of June. The soil is powdery and begging for a drink.

In the ground right now and starting to germinate are:

  • carrots
  • beets
  • beans
  • squashes
  • cucumbers
  • mixed greens
Beets germinating

Beets germinating

Plants that are starting to produce flowers and fruits are:

  • tomatoes
  • potatoes
  • peppers
Garlic, greens and tomato rows

Garlic, greens and tomato rows

Things still to plant are:

  • next round of beans
  • next patch of carrots
  • corn, corn and more corn
  • lettuces and more lettuces

There is always work to be done, and we thank all of you, our loyal customers and friends for sticking with us and being patient during such an odd growing season.

Fresh picked cherries

Fresh picked cherries



Scapes and updates 

Hi, friends. We are still planting in the garden. Because of a lack of harvestable material, it may be a few weeks until we return to market.

The good news is that things are starting to sprout!

In the meantime, we do have garlic scapes. Is anyone interested? Let me know.

Not sure what garlic scapes are? They are the flower stalk that garlic produces. Gardeners harvest the scapes so the the garlic plant focuses on forming a nice, big bulb. Plus, scapes are 100% edible! Delicious raw (as in salads) or used for cooking with any dish that calls for garlic. Scapes have a mild, garlic flavor.