winter weather

Blizzard of 2016

Yesterday marked the year’s first real snow. One was hard pressed to find anything open. Businesses, schools, churches, government offices all closed ahead of the storm. That’s all good in my opinion. Safety first.

So, it was nice to be hunkered in BEFORE the storm instead of heading home during it. And when it was all said and done, I think we came out better than the media expected.

Regardless of the final total, the snow is gorgeous. Fluffy, soft and so…clean. It’s also fun. The first real snow of the season was/is a big hit with the pups. 

 Outside for most of the day, we went for our usual pasture walks, played with the frisbee and just ran as dogs are apt to do. 

 All was so peaceful. Very few cars on the road (should’ve been none!), no noises other than birds, the wind, and the sound of the snow flakes connecting with the earth. 

 Beautiful. Peaceful. Cleansing. We know that we are lucky. 


Making the mad dash

I am so very grateful for an understanding boss and for friends and family who love and support our farming efforts!

It was a mad mad dash today. Winter arrives…….TONIGHT! The folks came out and pulled all the pepper plants, picking off all hot and bell peppers in order to save them from the impending arctic blast. I left work early to try and get the rest of the productive beds covered with row covers to help decrease chill injury. Ideally, I also would’ve mulched the heck out of all the beds with a comfy, thick layer of straw. Of course, as is typical with my part-time farming adventure, I am usually late enacting what I want to do. No one’s fault. It is just life and how it works out.

At least these beauties are tucked in and have a better shot of withstanding the rain, snow flurries, and blustery winds that are forecasted for tonight and tomorrow. (Wind chill in the 20s? Seriously? Oh boy).

Bok choi

Bok choi

Red choy

Red choy

Wind Chill Advisory

Ok. So not only are we under a wind advisory, but we are under a wind CHILL advisory. I can hear it howling out there.

Imagine my surprise when I went into the old kitchen space (i.e. sink source) to brush my teeth and saw this…

Know what that is? The particles? It’s snow, people. It is snowing inside. The wind is pushing snow under the roof cap, and it is snowing indoors. Wow.

Some “accumulation” on the rug.

We bundled up for the last Wonder Dog potty run this time on a snow covered pasture! Fun! How the scenery can change in a short time is amazing. Keep safe and warm everyone.

The big freeze

I know that you have heard quite a bit about the recent winter weather that rolled across our nation this weekend. We saw what was going on out West. We heard dire reports from our local weather persons. We diligently prepared for the worst…bought more fuel oil for the furnace, Jordan created a way to run the furnace off of our generator, he also got the generator ready for action, we made coffee ahead of time in case we lost power, we stockpiled water for drinking and toilet flushing, we precooked food to have at the ready, lanterns and oil lamps were gathered along with matches and flashlights….basically…we got ready for ice, snow, sleet and the usual power outage that accompanies such tough, cold weather.

And then….it didn’t really happen. We had rain. We had freezing rain. We had ice. It was definitely cold. But – it wasn’t as bad as forecasted. And – for the first time during such an event, we didn’t lose power. What a nice change! We ate well. We stayed warm. We were able to complete a couple projects in comfort.

Wild. So to those who DID get the brunt of the storm, we can empathize and hope you hang tough.

Still (and I know you have seen oodles of images and such about the weather folks have experienced) it is hard not to find the beauty of the crystalline world that results from a good cold front….

View from the point - Peak's Knob covered in clouds and all the trees are coated in crystals

View from the point – Peak’s Knob covered in clouds and all the trees are coated in crystals

Melting ice

Melting ice

Barbed wire ice

Barbed wire ice

The winter garden - frozen row covers luckily with no wind

The winter garden – frozen row covers luckily with no wind