Photos about the farm

Work is still underway to get all of the planted beds, well, planted. The cooler, wet start to the month of May has yielded to a warm, dry month of June. The soil is powdery and begging for a drink.

In the ground right now and starting to germinate are:

  • carrots
  • beets
  • beans
  • squashes
  • cucumbers
  • mixed greens
Beets germinating

Beets germinating

Plants that are starting to produce flowers and fruits are:

  • tomatoes
  • potatoes
  • peppers
Garlic, greens and tomato rows

Garlic, greens and tomato rows

Things still to plant are:

  • next round of beans
  • next patch of carrots
  • corn, corn and more corn
  • lettuces and more lettuces

There is always work to be done, and we thank all of you, our loyal customers and friends for sticking with us and being patient during such an odd growing season.

Fresh picked cherries

Fresh picked cherries


Farm update

What a busy weekend. We’ve taken on a Saturday market in Pearisburg, VA which reduces our time to devote to garden chores to mainly Sunday. Hours of weed whacking and mowing later, I’ve some crop updates to provide…

The weed pressure this season is nearly overwhelming. For certain, it is frustrating to me to fail to stay on top of things. Likewise, the major rains in June and early July prohibited many of our succession plantings. What does it all mean?

Well, here is the so-so news:

  • Our crop of red onions is pretty much a loss due to extreme competition with weeds. I will start bringing some to markets, but the bulbs will be small.
  • Our offerings of carrots may be compromised as well. I have yet to plant my last row. Our main crop accidentally got tilled under. Our only growing row of carrots is very weedy. I hope we have some for you (and some fall ones for us to overwinter) come September.
  • I missed my planting window for fall potatoes. Will put some in the ground this week and hope they have time to develop.
  • I did not plant successions of squashes or cucumbers. That means we have few plants in the ground. These offerings will be less than in years past. If I can, I will plant some seeds this week and see if we can squeeze in some late offerings.
  • I will have a gap in my lettuce production again this year. I hope to have loose leaf lettuce this week, possibly into next week.
  • Cabbage worms and harlequin bugs abound. The kales are going strong, but you will start to notice some imperfections. That is except for the “Redbor” variety…my new favorite. Not only a stunningly beautiful plant and leaf (dark green/purple frilly leaves with purple veins), this kale seems to thumb its nose at bugs.

The good news:

  • It has been fairly sunny, hot and dry these couple of weeks. We hope that our tomato plants that are loaded with green tomatoes decides it is a good time to have them turn red! our cherry tomatoes are going strong as are our yellow “Taxi” tomatoes. Still waiting for some red slicers, though.
  • Our beans are producing great. There is a little bean beetle presence, but the plants, overall, are healthy and productive. I need to get some canning done!
  • Our corn is tasseling now. May be some sweet corn is in our future, too!
  • Golden and red beets are coming along. I hope to get those rows weeded ASAP so the plants will get some sun and fill out more.

We are working as hard as we can to keep things going. Each season is different, which keeps it all challenging AND interesting.

Still, you got to be able to catch your breath and enjoy what’s around you…like a lovely sunset after a hard day’s work!

Gratuitous sunset photo

Gratuitous sunset photo

Market schedule update

Just a quick announcement that we WON’T be at the Community Farmer’s Market in Blacksburg this Saturday, June 21st, in an effort to try and catch up on some much delayed plantings and garden maintenance.

We will return to our weekly Saturday attendance, starting next Saturday, June 28th. Sorry for any inconvenience.

If there is something you were hoping to stock up on, give us a shout. We’d be happy to put an order together for you and bring it to town. Let us know by Thursday afternoon, so that we can harvest and deliver on Friday.