Garden update

Hello friends.

The summer has sneaked up on us.  We enjoyed a brief respite, celebrating the 4th of July with friends and family.

Tomorrow, we return to market at the start of a summer heat wave.  The lettuces and I are wilting, but the summer fun crops are starting to make themselves known.


Coming tomorrow to the Pulaski Market is one of our summer favorites – green beans!  Also making their debut – beets!  Coming soon – tomatoes, peppers and squashes.

We also will have other favorites: onions, turnips, radishes, kales, cabbages, herbs and more.  We hope to see you at the old train depot, downtown Pulaski (4-8).

Seasons change…

As we welcome, fully, the summer season, here are a few things that are going on around the farm…

Early last week, I got home late enough that the sun had pretty well set…and I was completely engulfed by an amazing aroma. Confused and drunk by the sweet scent, I couldn’t image what was the source. Then, the next morning, it hit me. I knew what had bloomed overnight…this…

Sunday’s stroll around the property also shows what else is happening (wild flowers in bloom and insect life):

Not pictured – chickory is blooming.

The bees are going wild over the red and white clover in bloom as well as the mimosa. Lots of noise out in the yard. What’s going on in your area?

July 16th

We had good fun at the Pulaski market yesterday. Jordan’s work schedule has shifted some, allowing him now to join me on Tuesdays. What a help having extra hands for setup, customers and take down. Plus, he was clever and sweet to setup an extension cord earlier in the day so I could have a fan – a nice thing to have on such a hot, steamy day! We listened to enjoyable music from Mark Nichols who setup just beside us (look forward to hearing him again at the Draper Mercantile this Friday). And there were tasty samplers prepared by the Lewis Gale chefs. West wind farm (winery), from Max Meadows, offered wine tastings. The Pino Gris was delicious. Finally, my folks came to a market venue for the first time. It was nice to have them there. Thanks to all family and market friends who came out on such a hot day! Next week, I will have a recipe or two. I will work on posting previous recipe samplers here and on Facebook.