spring peepers

Overnight changes – hello vernal equinox

I love this time of year. Not so much the loss of an hour’s sleep, but the brighter evenings, influx of birds, budding of trees, and life that suddenly seems to wake up all at once makes up for that lost hour.

Nature is changing overnight, it seems. The fields that were once dry and brown are enlivened with shades of soft, brilliant greens. Robins are inspecting these fields closely. Trees are budding, including those in the orchard. Spring peepers serenade all at full volume every night.

Throw the frisbee please

Throw the frisbee please

The sun and touch of warmth make you want to stay out all day…. and just


………………………run with joy!

Celebrate the re-birth of all that is around us and today, celebrate the first official day of spring.


It’s happened! Just like that…it’s spring. My favorite season (fall is second). I know it for a fact. The peepers told me so…

I took a glass of water and sat out on the porch tonight. T shirt. Jeans. Socks and crocks. No mittens. No heavy jacket. Not shivering with numb fingers or toes. 

I sat there, sipping my water and relishing the feeling of…freedom? Contentment?

I relaxed to the chorus of spring peepers and the soft warblings of a distant flock of fowl (wild turkeys may be?). The sweet scent and soft breeze. It seems different somehow…I don’t know why…the feel and the smell of the air.

It was just so…nice. So nice to be outside, to feel…hear…smell…the promise of…Spring!

Hope everyone gets to enjoy a little porch sitting, too.