Time keeps on ticking, and I can hear it loud and clear like my own heartbeat. I need about two weeks.

Isn’t that funny? Most people want time to lounge on the beach. To go fishing. To ski.

I, on the other hand, wish for more time to work in my garden. Ridiculous but true. Even when Mother Nature decides to leapfrog spring right into summer, I’m happy to toil away, working up a sweat and even some achy muscles. It’s hard to beat. Especially when you have these beauties waiting on you:

It’s high time I get these lovelies in the ground! They’ve been patiently waiting for my attention!


It’s hard to believe that we had enough snow/icy conditions last Thursday to close down schools, businesses and events. It has been so mild since then, that it makes it easy to forget winter’s last gasp (being optimistic here).

So, what’s been going on? Well, a lot of seed starting is underway. The last few weeks have been nothing but onions, leeks and a few herbs. We are now starting to turn our focus to the cool season crops – the brassicas (cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower – a first for us, kales, collards, etc.) and lettuces.

With the growing area not complete, we’ve had to get a little creative. I think it has worked in our favor to once again start our seeds inside…the subzero temps would’ve been hard to beat if we were outside. To keep warm and pampered, seed flats are living in our kitchen. That is, until today. Some got moved. The biggest draw back to the indoor system is space. That means, if you have germinated, you go outside.

Here is where we had to improvise…covered wagons.


Take a look:



The processing tables have become mini-greenhouses with recycled materials. Don’t they look like covered wagons?

Some flats got moved out today.

Onions / leeks

Onions / leeks

Hopefully, they will take the next step and get planted in the garden soon. First…some major drying out is needed! (Melted snow + bouts of rain = super saturated soil and standing water…ground is a soggy mess).

For now, the covered wagons should work and buy us just a little more time to try and get the actual growing area finished.

Now, off to go seed some cabbages!