First farmer’s market of the season – 5/19 from 4-8, Pulaski

Farmer’s start thinking about a market’s opening day on the last day of the market! And here it comes….opening night at the historic train depot in downtown Pulaski, VA. Join us at the Marketplace farmer’s market, May 19th from 4-8. This market has a lot to offer including many new vendors, featured food preparers, music, beverages and activities for young and old. Here is what is planned for tomorrow evening (visit the Marketplace website for a whole calendar):

We had a work-filled weekend, and we got much accomplished…yet we are still behind in our production. However, we have every intention of being at opening night. We may not have much…but here is what I plan to bring:

  • asparagus
  • loose leaf lettuce mix
  • braising mix (may have some flea beetle damage)

I’ll provide an update on harvests tomorrow…check our Facebook page for details. Hope to see you there! A



It’s happened! Just like that…it’s spring. My favorite season (fall is second). I know it for a fact. The peepers told me so…

I took a glass of water and sat out on the porch tonight. T shirt. Jeans. Socks and crocks. No mittens. No heavy jacket. Not shivering with numb fingers or toes. 

I sat there, sipping my water and relishing the feeling of…freedom? Contentment?

I relaxed to the chorus of spring peepers and the soft warblings of a distant flock of fowl (wild turkeys may be?). The sweet scent and soft breeze. It seems different somehow…I don’t know why…the feel and the smell of the air.

It was just so…nice. So nice to be outside, to feel…hear…smell…the promise of…Spring!

Hope everyone gets to enjoy a little porch sitting, too.

Sunny Sunday

It was a damp, dreary, rainy Saturday that kept us working inside.

But Sunday….a beautiful, crisp, sunny day that DEMANDED we be OUTside.

It was a productive Sunday of garden work. Yes, I know. What garden work? It is almost officially winter! We’ve already had killing frosts and snow! What in the world could there be left to do?

Well, only all the stuff I have YET to do.

So, the pepper plants that I finally pulled last weekend were finally hauled out of the garden yesterday.

The zinnias, long past their last blooms and gone to seed, were all pulled with the plants placed along our outer fence board (in hopes that there might be some self-seeding in our permanent flower border).

I am well passed the time for dispensing more cover crop seed :(, so two straw bales were man-handed (by this woman) into position for unrolling. Let the mulching begin! Winter garden goal = no bare earth exposed (woefully late on meeting this garden goal).

Of course, I had excellent help with the mulching…

Mulching crew

Mulching crew

And I thought that I was queen and conquerer of the straw bales…

Just TRY to get up here

Just TRY to get up here

I am MIGHT DOG - roar

I am MIGHTY DOG – roar

Spreading straw is fun…for puppies.

Stuffy nose, runny eyes and itchy everywhere later, we called it quits due to a social call and a wicked wind that had whipped up, threatening to thin my straw mulch and scatter it hither yon, and well beyond my control.

After lunch, we used the last of our daylight to do some landscaping around the house (much needed). And then decided we should catch our breath…by the fire pit…

Where's Franklin?

Where’s Franklin?

(Where’s Franklin? Well, he went to bed…cold and tired from a busy day, he buried deep under cover and was snoozing in the warm comfort of inside).

Hope you had a nice Sunday, too.

Radio silence

Sorry for the long “radio” silence. Awkward and disappointing…my apologies.

It has been a rather hectic end to the market season, and surprisingly, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. (How did that happen?)

The farm “to-do” list hasn’t shortened. Nope. The only thing short around here is time and daylight. How in the world am I to get everything mulched when it is dark by 5:30pm? When will I get these garlic cloves planted if the ground stays frozen? What will our days be like when our pig and heifer move out here?

The other interesting dilemma at the moment is the fact that I still have half of the garden producing…but I am hesitant to market anything. Huh? Well, if I go to harvest anything in the morning, odds are that it will be frozen (despite being under row covers). Solid. If I go to harvest anything in the evening, the same thing could be faced. Wacky.

At any rate, I remain hopeful that this weekend will be very productive…that I will get the lovely garlic cloves in the ground and tucked in for winter. That I will finish cleaning out the dead summer plants from the main garden. That all bare ground will be covered with the new straw that just got delivered over the weekend….and that all the producing items will be lovingly mulched so as to make it possible to even pick them!

Have any weekend plans? Are you bored? Tired of being cooped up inside? It’s actually supposed to be decent on Saturday. Come on out. I am sure we could find something for you to do! 🙂