The fall crop of radishes – nearly all – are ready!

French Breakfast and Helios radishes

French Breakfast and Helios radishes

Some of these went to Annie Kay’s (Blacksburg) to woo them over for the future. What is available at AK’s are some bell peppers, French Fingerling potatoes, and arugula! Yum!

Fall preview

Despite above normal precipitation and below normal temps, our fall plantings have sprouted, and I am ever hopeful that we will over-winter with lettuce, spinach, mesclun, greens, radishes, turnips and bunching onions. All are under row covers to:

1) protect seedlings from bugs…there are plenty out there.

2) protect seedlings from the torrential rains!

3) protect from an early frost…it’s possible!

Here’s a preview:

Some lettuces

Some head lettuces



Um…..I wish the weeds would take a break. Clearly, it is time to do some more weeding….AGAIN.


Lettuce Mesclun

Ok. More weeds. Grrr. The lush green in the far end of the picture is mustard mesclun, a fall lettuce mix of mesclun and turnips (cannot really see).

Warm Hearth Tomorrow – Village Center

More of these (colorful radishes) will be heading to Warm Hearth (Blacksburg) tomorrow night (4-6) along with braising greens, kales, mustard mesclun mix, salad turnips, Napa cabbage, and possibly some lettuce.