Photos about the farm

Work is still underway to get all of the planted beds, well, planted. The cooler, wet start to the month of May has yielded to a warm, dry month of June. The soil is powdery and begging for a drink.

In the ground right now and starting to germinate are:

  • carrots
  • beets
  • beans
  • squashes
  • cucumbers
  • mixed greens
Beets germinating

Beets germinating

Plants that are starting to produce flowers and fruits are:

  • tomatoes
  • potatoes
  • peppers
Garlic, greens and tomato rows

Garlic, greens and tomato rows

Things still to plant are:

  • next round of beans
  • next patch of carrots
  • corn, corn and more corn
  • lettuces and more lettuces

There is always work to be done, and we thank all of you, our loyal customers and friends for sticking with us and being patient during such an odd growing season.

Fresh picked cherries

Fresh picked cherries


Harvest info & market news – heading to Pearisburg

Hi, all. Here is the run down of things that are being harvested right now, things that are coming in, and of things that are going out…..

Items like head and leaf lettuces are peaking. It is likely that I will have a small gap until new sowings come in. I’ve yet to master my timing with these delicate things as Mother Nature seems to get a little feisty now and again, throwing off my exacting calendar.

Rain summary

Rain summary

Look at that breakdown of all the rain we’ve had over the years (click on the picture to view a larger image). 2013 was the worst. 2012 was the best growing season for us (We had just broken ground. The weather was generally good for that hodgepodge garden. It tricked us into thinking we could really master the market garden)! Mother Nature really affects the timing of things for a part-time farmer.

Anyway…these things are in full harvest: broccoli, kales, new potatoes, onions, chard, perpetual spinach. These things are coming in (harvest will be increasing each day/week): squashes, beans, tomatoes, peppers (hot & bells), cabbages.



Things I still need to check: cucumbers and beets (beets were getting close last I checked).

These items are ending this week: kohlrabi, turnips (without greens).

These things are finished until fall (if I can get plantings in): radishes, turnips, collards, Asian greens, kohlrabi.

As for market news, Jordan and I took a road trip to Pearisburg on Saturday to check out their new community market. They’ve asked us to join their ranks, and we have decided to give it a try. This market has a great community feel to it. It is that sense of community that we love so much at the Pulaski Market. So, instead of setting up shop at the South Main market in Blacksburg, we are moving our tables to the front lawn of the Pearisburg Community Center on Saturday mornings, starting July 18th. This market runs from 9-2 on Saturdays, but we still will harvest the morning of market, so it is highly likely our arrival to Pearisburg will be around 11. We’ll keep you posted on Facebook.


Tomatoes…may be this year?

This past weekend was a garden blitz. One of the things that was planted included this season’s tomatoes…

tomato prep

tomato prep – first time I got stakes in first!

Here is what we are trying out this year…a couple are return varieties…

  • celebrity
  • beef steak
  • taxi (yellow)
  • juliet (roma/sauce)
  • sungold (orange cherry)
  • eva purple ball (heirloom)
  • tropic vfn (blight resistant)
  • glacier (smaller red)
  • sweetie pie (red cherry)
  • volunteer yellow cherry

Fingers crossed!

Fall preview

Despite above normal precipitation and below normal temps, our fall plantings have sprouted, and I am ever hopeful that we will over-winter with lettuce, spinach, mesclun, greens, radishes, turnips and bunching onions. All are under row covers to:

1) protect seedlings from bugs…there are plenty out there.

2) protect seedlings from the torrential rains!

3) protect from an early frost…it’s possible!

Here’s a preview:

Some lettuces

Some head lettuces



Um…..I wish the weeds would take a break. Clearly, it is time to do some more weeding….AGAIN.


Lettuce Mesclun

Ok. More weeds. Grrr. The lush green in the far end of the picture is mustard mesclun, a fall lettuce mix of mesclun and turnips (cannot really see).