Sunday’s subject of focus – Pears

These guys are my task of the day – nearly 40 pounds of pears…..our farm’s namesake. Today is another day dedicated to food preservation. Why wouldn’t you want to make these beauties last?

From the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving, we will be doing Spirited Fruits.

Stay tuned for the next posting of the recipe!


We have some fruits coming on that I’d like to report on…

Here are some blueberries:



I hope that I beat the birds to those babies. The other two bushes are loaded, too.

We also have white peaches coming on strong:



Of course, our namesake the pear tree has a bazillion fruits on it. Did I take a picture of it? No. Ridiculous. But take my word for it. Despite the lack of pruning, of being hit by lightening (before our time), of last year’s fire blight, and the general brunt of wind and weather it faces, that tree produces more fruits than we and the deer know what to do with. We hope that the farm is just as productive and long lived.