Our last Pulaski market day

It is the last hurrah at the Marketplace, Pulaski. We have enjoyed, very much, selling at and attending this market. To celebrate the end of the season, I’ll be bringing:

– head lettuces
– loose leaf lettuces
– bell peppers
– hot peppers
– baby Nappa cabbages
– mixed greens (joy choi, mustard, kale, chard)
– green bean mix
– carrots
– radishes
– a sneak preview of our sweet potatoes (hello, Fall)!
– basil, bronze leaf fennel and lemon basil
– oh, yeah, some cherry tomatoes

I think that is it. See you soon!



The lettuce transplants are coming along nicely. Seeds haven’t germinated yet. Perhaps soon.

I have many more things to plant, but for the moment, I am tackling some tillage followed by some bug squashing and weeding under the row covers. All in all, a peaceful but productive morning.



Busy morning today. Did some direct seeding these past few days and this morning to finish plantings of green beans and corn, to reseed beets and kales, and finally to get ready for fall with radishes and snap peas. This morning, I got some ‘greasy beans’ planted (many thanks to Roger for the seeds). I also was able to plant lettuce transplants – summer varieties. I look forward to the fresh greens again. Next up, I need to get the rest of my brassicas (broccolis, cabbages, kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower) and greens planted. No small task, but when it is completed, the plantings will be fairly complete until cover crop time. Phew. Now, back to work at my other job.

New lettuce transplant

The Marketplace Pulaski

Well, it was another challenging harvest (cold and soaked from the steady rain), but don’t be dissuaded to come out because of a little weather. Today, at The Marketplace in Pulaski, the Blue Door 3054 Draper Mercantile Chef “James” will be cooking up some eats, John Barnett will provide music, Marissa Stanley is the featured artist and Barrel Cave Wines will offer tastings. We’ll be there with lettuce, lemon basil, greens, kales, cabbages, potatoes, squashes, and beets. Hope to see ya from 4-8!

First beet harvest (red ace and chioggia)