Random photos from the weekend

Happy summer solstice. Here are some random photos from the weekend:

20140622-114418-42258951.jpgParsley worm aka Eastern Black Swallowtail Butterfly

20140622-114624-42384592.jpgunprecedented – hummingbirds sharing a feeder. There were 3 feeding at one point. Of course, they still dive bomb each other fairly regularly.

20140622-114801-42481653.jpgPretty milkweed, a great nectar source.

20140622-114844-42524488.jpgMilkweed beetle

20140622-115843-43123276.jpgPasture walk with Wonder Dogs



20140622-115955-43195980.jpgand run!

Hummer time!

I have been meaning to post that it’s hummer time. Folks in southwest Virginia – more likely the whole mid-Atlantic region – take note that hummingbirds are among us. I had been meaning to put up my feeders for a couple weeks, figuring it was migration time. This weekend, I finally hung one…then two more. As soon as I had the first feeder on its hook, I had a bird. Then 3. Already fighting. Crazy little birds. If they ever slow down, I’ll take some pictures.