Happy New Year

Welcoming in 2015!

Happy New Year!

We hope that everyone had a good time welcoming in 2015 and send you all our best wishes for a promising new year.

For some good luck…

the blackeye peas soaked overnight and are ready for making Hoppin’ John (all recipes will follow if they meet the taste tests)…

Hoppin' John fixins

Hoppin’ John fixins

The pork tenderloin is seasoned with salt and pepper (it will be pan sautéed in butter followed by a sauce of mustard, Worcestershire and lemon juice prepared with the pan juices), rice is in the cooker (for the Hoppin’ John), collards are cleaned and chopped (pan sautéed in butter with a little of the ham hock and onions), and the cornbread is ready to spend a little time in the oven…

Collards, cornbread and pork

Collards, cornbread and pork

Have any special traditions?