happenings in the New River Valley

Phenology tidbits

Here are some seasonal observations for our locale:
– dandelions are plentiful
– redbuds are in glorious full bloom
– hyacinths, tulips are in bloom
– daffodils are done
– dogwoods are blooming
– purple dead nettle is blooming
– lilac has buds and is fully leafed-out
– wild mustards are in bloom
– gold finches abound
– catbirds are in Blacksburg
– our apple tree is in full bloom

I put hummingbird feeders out just in case anyone was in the area 🙂

I am sure there is a lot I have missed by being too busy. What’s happening in your area?

20140425-162001.jpgApple blossoms

20140425-162031.jpgBlossoms with sunset coming