garden update

Scapes and updates 

Hi, friends. We are still planting in the garden. Because of a lack of harvestable material, it may be a few weeks until we return to market.

The good news is that things are starting to sprout!

In the meantime, we do have garlic scapes. Is anyone interested? Let me know.

Not sure what garlic scapes are? They are the flower stalk that garlic produces. Gardeners harvest the scapes so the the garlic plant focuses on forming a nice, big bulb. Plus, scapes are 100% edible! Delicious raw (as in salads) or used for cooking with any dish that calls for garlic. Scapes have a mild, garlic flavor.

May Days

Not much garden news to report. The new job has me pretty busy. Eventually, some planting will get done. For now, we have 3 rows of carrots/onions and 6 rows of potatoes.

Actually, we may be lucky we hadn’t planted much in April. April was hot and arid!

May, on the other hand, has issued in some monsoons. The rains have been much needed and make these early May Days lush with life.

The prettiest cover crop!