garden planning

Wind advisory

January 25th and it certainly feels like winter. At the farm, the water pipes are frozen, the ground is frozen, it’s just crazy cold. Oh, and breezy. Can you tell?

Wind advisory

Wind advisory

Wind advisory. Wind plus cold = subzero temps. Yikes!

Back to garden planning and seed catalog perusing!

October beginnings

So strange to be working in the garden, harvesting and processing produce….but NOT go to the market today.

As we continue to cheer on our fall crops and cleanup from our summer crops, several plans are running through our minds about next season and how to make things better.

Still, it is fun to celebrate the small things that are happening now….broccoli coming in, our first kohlrabi harvest, and Asian mustards plus other greens thriving under row cover.

20131001-225436.jpg 20131001-225538.jpg 20131001-225554.jpg