It was a busy day of weeding onions. Predominant pesky plants include lamb’s quarter, galinsoga, and grass. But under the row covers, we’re also starting to see carpet weed, pigweed and purslane.

20140517-213651.jpgAaah. Weeds.

Of course, I made weeding challenging by intercropping beets with my onions. It should get easier once things grow a little larger.

20140517-214040.jpg Beets germinating…intercropped with onions


Here’s a glimpse of some onions. All the onions were started from seed in February. This photo is after some weeding. The before photo would’ve showed an invasion on galinsoga, lamb’s quarter and pigweed (read weed weed weed). Lifting to row cover made me sob a little to see all the weeds. Much nicer after some weeding.

20140514-195345.jpgI am interplanting beets with the garlic and onions…much easier to plant beet seeds with no weeds!