Music and Mom’s Day

After seemingly a month’s worth of rain in just a few days (and nearly a year’s worth of waiting), I obsessively watched the weather, anticipating Saturday.

This weekend was a fun-filled couple of days full of friends, family, great food and art.

Saturday featured my favorite local (Blacksburg) artist as we welcomed Kat Mills (Polys) to Pear Tree Hill Farm. The weather held (and we exhaled after a few rain drops fell, wound up with sunburns by the end of the show, and saw double rainbows before dusk).

Double bows

Double bows

Rain and sun

Rain and sun

Friends and family came out.

Enjoying the moment

Enjoying the moment

Food and good cheer abounded.IMG_2517

Then sweet music filled the air.

Kat Mills - farm concert 2016

Kat Mills – farm concert 2016

Awesome live performance!

Awesome live performance!

Many thanks to everyone who came out, brought food and beverages, and filled the tip jar. What a great day. We really must do this again….it is the ONLY way to fully enjoy our local talent. Kat Mills, thanks for sharing yours.


Kites. Dogs. Fire pit. S’mores.

Atticus has a girlfriend

Atticus has a girlfriend

Saturday was a great day.



Sunday continued the good feelings as family gathered at the farm and we gave thanks to our mothers. Dogs ran about, albeit much slower than on Saturday. Fresh trout was smoked on the grill and some great leftovers from Saturday were revisited. Thanks to both moms for joining us for the concert and for a casual Sunday that still gave us some sunshine and joy.

We hope you and yours had a great weekend and special mother’s day, too.

Market Schedule Update – No Blacksburg Market This Weekend

Time for a post about our market schedule. You may notice diminishing dates on the right hand side navigation area that shows our Google Calendar. Yep, the market season is winding down.

The Pulaski Marketplace

The Pulaski Marketplace

We had our last Pulaski Marketplace farmer’s market yesterday evening.  A big and hearty THANK YOU to the Pulaski community who came out each and every Tuesday evening to support the market. We appreciate your support of us, of the market as a whole, and most importantly, we appreciate your camaraderie! We hope to see you again in October…and look forward to reconnecting next season.

The end of the market season is a bitter sweet time for us.

I won’t lie, we’ve worked hard. I’m a little tired, and it will be nice to be able to transport folks in my truck once again (completely full of market gear). At the same time, we will miss our friends…our fellow vendors and our customers. It is the sense of community that we enjoy…the artists, the growers, the makers, the preparers, the leaders and the eaters. It’s a tight community, and we love it. The bitter part is the goodbye.

The sweet part of the end of season is that it signals the beginning.


Well, plans are already swirling through our heads…infrastructure we want in place prior the spring, crop plans, crop rotations, breaking new ground, re-fencing…and on and on. I’ve almost entered all of this year’s market data. Decisions on what to keep and what to move away from are close to being made. Planning is fun. It’s a rebirth in a way.

With all that said, I’ll finally get to the point of the market schedule updates. I deviated a bit from this topic. We’ve some life events coming up that will pull our focus elsewhere. What that means is –

* we won’t be at the South Main Blacksburg Community Market this Saturday (9/20) or possibly the following Saturday (9/27)

* we will be at Warm Hearth Village tomorrow (9/18; 4-5:30) and the next Thursday (9/25) which will mark our last market of the year there

* we will be at the old train depot in Pulaski on Oct. 7th (4-8) for the market Harvest Craft Fair

* I am not sure of our October schedule for Blacksburg’s saturday market, but I will let you know when I know!

As always, thanks for caring.

What to do with eight ball zucchini?

The squashes are doing great this year, and we have had fun growing some unusual varieties: zephyr (a type of yellow squash that is bi-color: yellow body, green end(s)), lemon (a fun lemon colored and shaped yellow squash), raven zucchini (dark green and delicious) and eight ball zucchini (a small, round zucchini with great flavor).



Why grow the same thing as everyone else, is what I think…but new or unusual can raise some important questions like: what do I do with it? How do I eat it? A little help please?

So, from a PTHF friend and fellow Marketplace Vendor comes a recipe suggestion for the cute and delicious eight ball zucchini. Here it goes:

URL to article:



– Added about 1/3 c. finely diced onion, sauteeing it first in a little olive oil.  When they were a bit soft I added the garlic.
– Used oil-packed sundried tomatoes because that’s what I had.  I skipped the “soak in hot water” step and added them when I added the garlic to the onions.  I didn’t need any extra liquid, but if I had I probably would have drizzled in some wine.
– Used jasmine rice because that’s what I had already cooked in the fridge.
– Also added about 1/4 c. finely shaved parmesan after I took it off the heat.  Could have even used a bit more.