fresh harvests

May 16, 2016 Market

Greetings Friends.

We kick off our market season tomorrow at Pulaski’s The Marketplace Farmer’s Market.


Come join us there and stock up on fresh harvests of:

  • Asparagus
  • Mixed loose leaf lettuces
  • Spinach
  • Salad Turnips
  • Radishes
  • New potatoes
  • Arugula
  • +/- Tomato plants (Cherokee Purple, Striped German, German Johnson, Yellow Brandywine, Black Cherry, Glacier)

The Marketplace is located in downtown Pulaski at the train depot.  It offers a variety of craft vendors, artisans, meats, produce and more.  You can also grab a bite to eat, enjoy a beverage from places such as West Wind Winery, and listen to some music while you shop.

Please join us and stock up tomorrow.  We will NOT be at the Marketplace next Tuesday due to day job schedule conflicts.

See ya tomorrow!

Leaf Lettuce

Pico de gallo – salsa fresca

Tuesday was a super busy day with lots to harvest and prep for market. It’s that time of year when plants are really starting to produce…kinda all at once! Not a bad problem to have in a market garden. Nope. But when summer interns show up ( i.e. free labor) to help, it turns a busy day into a glorious day.

So, to celebrate, one really must EAT! With thanks to the hard working crew, who allowed me to have time for lunch, we made a fresh salsa (pico de gallo or salsa fresca).

I harvested 2 pints of yellow cherry tomatoes, our first ripe tomatoes from….a volunteer plant (year 2 for showing up and being wild…and the healthiest plant we have…as in the only one to survive last year’s blight). Anyway, I just quartered the tomatoes.

Next, some onion, garlic, a jalapeño and chopped cilantro.

20140723-182019-66019958.jpgThis dish is the main reason I grow cilantro.

20140723-182125-66085990.jpg A pinch of salt if ya like. (Some add a squeeze of lemon or lime…I forgot). Give it a good mix…

Grab some chips and watch it disappear.

All ingredients were from the garden. A great snack after working…in the garden! 🙂