direct seeding

Fall prep

Worked hard the passed few days to prepare for fall….

Fall prep

Fall prep

After some tillage, these items were transplanted or direct seeded: lettuces, kales, Asian mustards, Swiss chards, Tokyo Bekana, Japanese collards, bok choys, tatsoi, salad turnips, radishes (D’avingon, Easter egg, Helios), mustard mesclun, lettuce mesclun, arugula, and bunching onions. Add to that diakon radish, Spanish radish, spinach and carrots planted today. Yay!

Winning and losing

This weekend was another hectic weekend spent gathered with family. Saturday, I enjoyed a lovely lunch out with my two moms at Our Daily Bread followed by a girls out, quick stop shopping tour (we don’t linger but go for what we are after…in out and on the road).

Sunday, I enjoyed another good lunch with momma Marge, then got to work on the garden before celebrating the kick off of the National Assisted Living week with a dinner with g-ma at Warm Hearth Village.

Though I miss the markets, it is a good thing to have this time available to try and catch up on chores in the garden.

Unfortunately, I call the battle for fall crops a draw…the weeds are still growing rampant despite the decreasing daylight lengths and slightly cooler temps. Win one for the weeds (they are the season winners). Also, the bugs are still finding my plants and are noshing on them. The good news is that my periodic checking under the row covers and squash-o-rama (organic pest control = bare handed brutality) of the beetles seems to be effective. It is probably true that if you had time each and every day to check every row/plant and squash bugs, that you could impact the populations. Still, I think the only reason it is effective at this time is because all that is out there are larvae. The adults are gone and what I currently am squashing are all larval stages. So, nothing to replace these guys at the moment. Win one for the farmer.

Between the harlequin bugs and the flea beetles, they did manage to destroy my red cabbage transplants (pictures will be taken soon). Win one for bugs. I replanted spare red cabbage transplants yesterday, in a different location. Some of my other cabbage plants look a bit rough, too.

The broccoli and Chinese cabbage is starting to take off. Win one for the farmer.

The kale seeds have germinated and with a little rain (WHAT? Did I just ask for rain), they should be quick to grow.

I got more spinach and the first seeds of arugulas (even star, rocket and dragon’s tongue) were planted. Yay!

We are still fighting for fall crops. I’ll take some photos soon to chronicle the battle. Our fingers are crossed that we’ll be back at the markets in a couple of weeks.

Till then….I actually wouldn’t mind a little rain. For the first time this season….the garden is dry! Crazy.


Busy morning today. Did some direct seeding these past few days and this morning to finish plantings of green beans and corn, to reseed beets and kales, and finally to get ready for fall with radishes and snap peas. This morning, I got some ‘greasy beans’ planted (many thanks to Roger for the seeds). I also was able to plant lettuce transplants – summer varieties. I look forward to the fresh greens again. Next up, I need to get the rest of my brassicas (broccolis, cabbages, kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower) and greens planted. No small task, but when it is completed, the plantings will be fairly complete until cover crop time. Phew. Now, back to work at my other job.

New lettuce transplant

Catching up

Today was jam packed with a lot of planting. Life happenings and Mother Nature has us behind, but we are pressing on. Today, I planted the rest of the tomatoes, bell and hot peppers, eggplant, the next round of green beans, Lima beans, black-eyed peas, sweet corn, ornamental corn, cucumbers, squashes and celery. Phew! I know. Tomorrow will involve some weeding and spreading of straw mulch. Anyway, we are happy to finally have things going in the garden. Next up will be starting seeds in soil blocks for the fall crops. Hard to believe isn’t it? While toiling away, I had good company. Here she is:


Here us what she was fussing about – in the middle of a bean row.

Pretty speckled egg.