cool-season crops

Sneak peek

Here’s a sneak peek under the row covers thanks to Atticus jumping through them!

Hopefully, you can make out what’s going on… 



 un-mulched area is germinating lettuces, turnips and more greens 

 green sprout is garlic (and a little rye sprouting from the straw) 

 green blades are garlic sprouts 

 this guy was under the plastic! Welcome to our garden!

Garlic and greens under cover

Not much is going on at the moment because of this:

 That’s what we got Wednesday night. Highly unlikely that our area is under drought conditions any more!

Aside from a row of carrots and oodles of potatoes that we are over wintering, here is all that’s happening so far for our fall prep: 

 – not a ton of stuff, but tucked in under those covers are our garlic cloves and a row of lettuces, greens, and turnips. 

Hopefully, we’ll have some drying of the soil and can resume raised bed construction.


Still peeved that I let the frost damage so much of our gorgeous produce, I was excited to pull our first daikon radishes from the field this morning. I’ve never grown these…or eaten them before. The greens were nipped, but the radishes seemed OK.

Now I can see why these things are planted to loosen compacted soil! Gigantic.

Daikon and turnips

Daikon and turnips

Curious to see what these taste like.

Have any favorite recipes?