cold snap


We all know it’s cold outside.

The sun is shining, and the breeze has let up today.  It feels deceptively warmer.

The first peek under the row covers suggests otherwise.

Leaf lettuces with ice crystals

The plants are cold.


They are frozen.

Rainbow Swiss Chard

The multiple, consecutive days with temperatures below zero are concerning.  As this cold weather passes, it will be interesting to see if and which plants are resilient.

Will they bounce back?

Wa waa waaaaaaaa :(

Dang to cold. Double gosh dang the blustery winds! No fresh asparagus this weekend…the quick cold snap melted it!

Onions are OK. Chinese cabbages are OK. Despite row covers, other cabbages sustained chill injury. Hoping the cabbages rebound….otherwise, I will try again!