Chinese cabbage

Marketplace 5-26 from 4-8

Here is what we’ll be offering at the Marketplace, Pulaski, tonight: 

 Loose leaf, spring lettuce mesclun  Fresh dill 

  Beautiful mix of kales 

 Collard bunches 

 Stunning five color Swiss chard bunches

And not pictured…cuz I forgot…Chinese lettuce (really a delicate cabbage) heads. 

Hope to see you soon! A

Fall prep – a quick update

Final post for today – apparently, we are under a hazardous weather outlook with the chance of some thunderstorms and heavy rain for later today. That seems pretty typical for this summer’s weather happenings overall.

I just printed out some climatic data that I downloaded from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) for the summer months. In Radford, May saw 4.47 inches of rain, June had 7.39 inches of rain, July had 7.85 inches of rain, and August has had 2.05 inches to date.

Soggy. It explains, too, why I will be pulling up the tomato plants (and burning them because of late blight) and cucumber plants (and burning them because of downy mildew and bacterial wilt) and why I am late with doing…anything and everything in the garden. I usually try to post pretty pictures on the blog, and that is a biased activity. Soon, I will be posting the bad and the ugly so y’all can see what we have been dealing with this weird, wet season. Aside from the fungal organisms, the insects and weeds have really enjoyed this summer. It isn’t possible to hand weed an acre garden. Big time fail there.

Anyway, on a more positive note. I did manage to get a few fall crops (transplants) planted yesterday morning before I went to work harvesting. In the ground are 3 varieties of broccoli and two varieties of Chinese cabbage. Still awaiting planting are the other cabbage plants, cauliflower, kohlrabi, and Brussels sprouts. They will go in this weekend…rain or shine!

Fall transplants

Fall transplants


The Marketplace Pulaski

Forgot to post that we are at the Pulaski market tonight with Chinese cabbage, braising greens, pak choi, Helios radish bunches, sugar peas, broccoli, kale and seedlings of tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. Fun! Stop by the old train depot – from 4 to 8.


Market Saturday

It was another crazy day of harvesting, cleaning, packaging, and dodging raindrops in preparation for tomorrow’s market. We’ll be in downtown Radford from 8-1 with various lettuces, spinach, greens, kales, pak choi, mustard tatsoi, arugula, radishes, oregano, and Chinese cabbage. Phew. See you there.