Greens – a thought about them and a recipe for slaw

For some, this time of year is boring. Lack luster. Dull. Uninteresting. Insert adjective of choice.

I mean, who could possibly love greens?

What is the use of cool season crops? Why bother? Just bring on the main show. The summer crops. The fun stuff.

To those folks, I ask…are you sure? Why are you not excited for greens? How can this disdain exist? Greens are the harbinger of spring. They mark the end of winter doldrums…the first of freshness. They are the epitome of freshness.

Personally, greens are some of my favorite crops which encompass anything from the delicate and luscious spring mescluns to the heartier cabbages, collards, chard and kales (oh my, kales! YUM!).

So, I implore you not to discount the greens. Give them a try. There are too many great things that can be done with them…from a simple, refreshing salad

Spring lettuce mesclun with gorgonzola, walnuts, craisins, oil and balsamic

Spring lettuce mesclun with gorgonzola, walnuts, craisins, oil and balsamic

To crisp cole slaws:

Kale and Cabbage Coleslaw with Marcona Almonds

(Many thanks, Patsy, for the recipe…we cannot wait to try it this weekend.)

Give greens a try, won’t you? Once summer rolls around, the delicate and the refreshing will be missed.



Braising greens…SOLD

It is an exciting time for us. I got a call last week from our first retail customer wanting some braising greens for a Friday night function. The chef is passionate about supporting a farm-to-table experience, and we are excited to be a collaborator.

And now we enter a new adventure in our production scheme…planning for retail sales. How cool is that? Of course, it is at this point that I will fret (as in freak out) about quality and quantity…that I will wish that I had more land under production….that I had my soil health and fertility in a better state…and that I was 15 years younger!

I will also wish that I had more time and money to make the other wishes true. Well, except for the last one I guess. Anyway, the challenge of a full-time day job coupled with the recent time change (meaning darkness at 6 o’clock) leaves little actual time to accomplish the “few” tasks on my TO-DO list. BUT – it also means that there’s light at 6 something in the morning. So, harvests are done in the mornings and for our first sale, greens were delivered super fresh Thursday morning. Fun. And for fun’s sake, I hope that we can sustain our greens operation well into January. They are delicious, and it is a nice feeling to have someone want our wares!

That’s our latest scoop. Now to watch the skies and see if any snow falls today or keeps away for a spell. (Keepawaykeepawaykeepaway. I am not ready. Where oh where has my Steelers hat gone? Keep away!)

Evidence of deer – it’s rutting season. Just keep clear of the garden!