change is in the air


It’s happened! Just like that…it’s spring. My favorite season (fall is second). I know it for a fact. The peepers told me so…

I took a glass of water and sat out on the porch tonight. T shirt. Jeans. Socks and crocks. No mittens. No heavy jacket. Not shivering with numb fingers or toes. 

I sat there, sipping my water and relishing the feeling of…freedom? Contentment?

I relaxed to the chorus of spring peepers and the soft warblings of a distant flock of fowl (wild turkeys may be?). The sweet scent and soft breeze. It seems different somehow…I don’t know why…the feel and the smell of the air.

It was just so…nice. So nice to be outside, to feel…hear…smell…the promise of…Spring!

Hope everyone gets to enjoy a little porch sitting, too.