Images around campus

If I have a meeting across campus (and I am not being fashionably late) or sometimes on my walks to or from campus, I try to take a different route. You know, mix things up. Check on new construction. Or just go where I have never gone before…at least in some time.

Here are some random photos from campus….



This day was drizzly and damp as I walked through the Ag Quad. Looking at the turret, I had never  noticed the gargoyles that loiter above.



Wish I was able to get a clear photo of their grotesque images.

Moon over VBI

Moon over VBI

As I walked in this morning, I spotted the moon bright and up high again in the crisp blue sky…this view over VBI.

Clouds look like waves

Clouds look like waves

Then around the corner in the distance were these clouds that instantly made me think of ocean waves…how did you know I longed for my beach trip?

One of those days

I am having one of those days. A day where what is say isn’t coming out correctly or smoothly. A day where I drop things. A day where what I touch seems fated to: a) make a mess, b) be wrong, or c) may break. A day where news I hear from others may have a sense of foreboding. Thus, a day where the hairs on the back of my neck seem on edge. A day that, though I should celebrate the arrival of the weekend, makes me think it might have been better spent lying in bed.


I am nearly halfway through the day. So, I take a quick break. A few deeps breaths, and I decide to share with you some pictures of this morning’s commute to work.

Today, I trekked through the upper quad. This area is the heart of our Corps of Cadets. It was quiet today, because I was pretty late starting my trek and everyone was well into their classes. Here are some sights from the upper quad area:

Ranger station

Ranger’s station



Lane Hall

Lane Hall


Lane – HQ

Monument near the flag

Monument near the flag

The bridge - gateway to campus

The bridge – gateway to campus

Morning “commute”

I am on my morning “commute,” currently, trekking across a dew covered drill field, still slightly veiled with lingering tendrils of fog. My pant cuffs are rolled up to try and avoid being kissed by the wet bluegrass (and so I can look cool and be totally inspiring to any new student(s) who may be moving in…my intense fashion sense can have dramatic effects on most folks).

It is day two of official move-in time on campus. There is a quiet energy. Construction crews are still going all out on several projects. Cadet corp cadences can be heard. Here comes a group marching to the drill field now. Come Monday, this center oval of grass will bustle with activity. For now, I enjoy the peace of my walk.

Some sights:

As a part of completing their first year, new cadets retrace Caldwell’s hike to VT.



Cadet cadre near War Memorial Chapel


Burruss Hall