Morning “commute”

I am on my morning “commute,” currently, trekking across a dew covered drill field, still slightly veiled with lingering tendrils of fog. My pant cuffs are rolled up to try and avoid being kissed by the wet bluegrass (and so I can look cool and be totally inspiring to any new student(s) who may be moving in…my intense fashion sense can have dramatic effects on most folks).

It is day two of official move-in time on campus. There is a quiet energy. Construction crews are still going all out on several projects. Cadet corp cadences can be heard. Here comes a group marching to the drill field now. Come Monday, this center oval of grass will bustle with activity. For now, I enjoy the peace of my walk.

Some sights:

As a part of completing their first year, new cadets retrace Caldwell’s hike to VT.



Cadet cadre near War Memorial Chapel


Burruss Hall