Here are some snapshots of flowers throughout the garden. I have them scattered about for the purpose of adding beauty and for attracting beneficial insects… 

 We plant a mix of annual and perennial wildflowers along with cut flowers… 

 Flowers are planted as borders and in rows within the growing area. 

 There’s something soothing about all the colors and textures… 

 So vibrant! 

 And full of life….

They will always be a part of the garden plan!   


Last night, we did a few garden chores. It is already weeding time, and a top priority area that demanded my attention was the asparagus beds.

The benefit of working in these beds is that it usually results in some dinner…



Yes, the asparagus is starting to reach for the skies. Oh my word…there is little that can top some freshly picked asparagus. Lightly grilled served with some lamb chops (dinner last night) or steamed in a foil package to accompany some salmon (dinner the night before)…or just a simple pan sauté…OR even just raw in the field…it doesn’t matter because it is all so extremely good. So sweet and tender.


It makes weeding not much of a big deal…(though truth be told, weeding doesn’t bother me).

The other fun thing about working in the asparagus beds is that sometimes you can find little treasures – last year, I unearthed a large toad…this year I found this…

a treasure!

a treasure!

Let’s zoom in…