I posted these on Facebook, but I had to share on the blog, too. Came across these colorful hornworms while weeding carrots. Anyone know what they are? Seems they are some sort of Sphinx or Hummingbird moths, but I found nothing specific.

IMG_8077 IMG_8078 IMG_8081

Pasture walk

It’s a lovely day for a pasture walk (besides, the dogs are revved up).

We tried to sneak up on this… 

 no, not the dead tree, but a red tailed hawk that was perched at the end of the tallest branch. The hawk took flight and is the tiny brown thing on the right just above the tree line.

Here is why I couldn’t get closer for a better picture… 

 these two clodhoppers full sprint up the hill.  Puppies do love their pasture walks.

Sunflowers make me happy

I love sunflowers.



I love watching them track the sun through the day, the buzz of activity around them once they bloom, then the enjoyment birds get when the blossoms go to seed.

Feeding grounds

Feeding grounds

Sunflowers are fun to have in the garden.

Do you have a favorite flower?