May 16, 2016 Market

Greetings Friends.

We kick off our market season tomorrow at Pulaski’s The Marketplace Farmer’s Market.


Come join us there and stock up on fresh harvests of:

  • Asparagus
  • Mixed loose leaf lettuces
  • Spinach
  • Salad Turnips
  • Radishes
  • New potatoes
  • Arugula
  • +/- Tomato plants (Cherokee Purple, Striped German, German Johnson, Yellow Brandywine, Black Cherry, Glacier)

The Marketplace is located in downtown Pulaski at the train depot.  It offers a variety of craft vendors, artisans, meats, produce and more.  You can also grab a bite to eat, enjoy a beverage from places such as West Wind Winery, and listen to some music while you shop.

Please join us and stock up tomorrow.  We will NOT be at the Marketplace next Tuesday due to day job schedule conflicts.

See ya tomorrow!

Leaf Lettuce


Last night, we did a few garden chores. It is already weeding time, and a top priority area that demanded my attention was the asparagus beds.

The benefit of working in these beds is that it usually results in some dinner…



Yes, the asparagus is starting to reach for the skies. Oh my word…there is little that can top some freshly picked asparagus. Lightly grilled served with some lamb chops (dinner last night) or steamed in a foil package to accompany some salmon (dinner the night before)…or just a simple pan sauté…OR even just raw in the field…it doesn’t matter because it is all so extremely good. So sweet and tender.


It makes weeding not much of a big deal…(though truth be told, weeding doesn’t bother me).

The other fun thing about working in the asparagus beds is that sometimes you can find little treasures – last year, I unearthed a large toad…this year I found this…

a treasure!

a treasure!

Let’s zoom in…




One of my favorites

We are adding two more rows of asparagus…it isn’t nearly enough!

New crowns

New crowns

A few spears have already come up…and have been harvested…and haven’t been shared. Fresh asparagus is beyond great! We may need more.

Going in…more ‘Purple Passion’ and ‘Jersey Supreme’

The process –

  • order crowns from reputable seed company (in this case, these two year old crowns come from Fedco out of Maine)
  • prepare the soil – re-created the raised beds, applied mineral (lime for calcium, potassium sulfate, boron, and feather meal as a nitrogen source), applied compost, till
  • dig a trench and cover bottom with compost
  • spread crown roots and cover
  • we will cover the newly planted crowns with a thick layer of straw mulch