apple wood smoked salmon

A day of rest…

Some times you need one. Sunday was it for us at PTHF.

The morning started off with a light rain…which is EXCELLENT for the crops as it was much needed…but it isn’t so good for direct seeding (i.e. cannot or really should not work wet soil as it destroys its structure to do so).

So…the Wonder Dogs and I took two walks around the pasture. On the first walk, I photographed some wildflowers and such (see previous post) and found this manna from heaven…



I have no idea what kind of berries these are…not blackberries as those are just forming and are all green. May be a wild black raspberry? It is along the road frontage fence, hidden amidst honeysuckle and my favorite…poison ivy. Of course, I ate some. They are crazy sweet. So, on our second walk, I came back with a bucket.


Wild berries



Ok, so not an abundance, but this bounty was from the first stop. After noticing the first hidden bush, I started looking for others….and I found some.

Why? Well, when you have a quiet day, I don’t know what you do, but we eat. Here’s what was going on in the meantime…

Apple wood smoked salmon

Apple wood smoked salmon

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I could have more of this beauty on any given Sunday. It went well with our friends and family that supped with us later…and all of the delicious sides (most containing freshly harvested wares from the garden, including wild berries….and we are all still upright).

A vibrant plate of deliciousness

A vibrant plate of deliciousness

I love a day of rest!!!!

So do these guys…