Seasons change…

As we welcome, fully, the summer season, here are a few things that are going on around the farm…

Early last week, I got home late enough that the sun had pretty well set…and I was completely engulfed by an amazing aroma. Confused and drunk by the sweet scent, I couldn’t image what was the source. Then, the next morning, it hit me. I knew what had bloomed overnight…this…

Sunday’s stroll around the property also shows what else is happening (wild flowers in bloom and insect life):

Not pictured – chickory is blooming.

The bees are going wild over the red and white clover in bloom as well as the mimosa. Lots of noise out in the yard. What’s going on in your area?

Phenology tidbits

Here are some seasonal observations for our locale:
– dandelions are plentiful
– redbuds are in glorious full bloom
– hyacinths, tulips are in bloom
– daffodils are done
– dogwoods are blooming
– purple dead nettle is blooming
– lilac has buds and is fully leafed-out
– wild mustards are in bloom
– gold finches abound
– catbirds are in Blacksburg
– our apple tree is in full bloom

I put hummingbird feeders out just in case anyone was in the area 🙂

I am sure there is a lot I have missed by being too busy. What’s happening in your area?

20140425-162001.jpgApple blossoms

20140425-162031.jpgBlossoms with sunset coming

Wa waa waaaaaaaa :(

Dang to cold. Double gosh dang the blustery winds! No fresh asparagus this weekend…the quick cold snap melted it!

Onions are OK. Chinese cabbages are OK. Despite row covers, other cabbages sustained chill injury. Hoping the cabbages rebound….otherwise, I will try again!