Winter Storm Update

We recently had about 17 inches of snow.

Snow bunnies

And even though we had some fun times sledding and snowshoeing in the snow…it still wrecked a little havoc on our fall garden:

Hoops flattened by weight of snow

I was unable to keep up with sweeping the accumulating snow off the rows.  Snow is insulating to plants, so I wasn’t worried about cold damage so much as the fiberglass rods breaking under the weight of the snow, tearing the row covers.

Today, between the rain and some warmer temperatures, the last bit of snow has finally melted. I surveyed the crops.

Damaged hoops

Some fiberglass rods have snapped with some row cover damage.

Plant damage

Some of the plants (e.g. Brussels sprouts pictured) sustained physical damage from the weight of the snow, and their tops have been broken.

Storage cabbages

But when it comes down to it, the crops are still looking pretty good and the damage, given the amount of snow and cold temperatures, is minimal.

The fiberglass hoops will be replaced today.  I think I will try taping two metal hoops together to make them longer and see how they do.  After all, winter technically hasn’t started yet…


It’s happened! Just like that…it’s spring. My favorite season (fall is second). I know it for a fact. The peepers told me so…

I took a glass of water and sat out on the porch tonight. T shirt. Jeans. Socks and crocks. No mittens. No heavy jacket. Not shivering with numb fingers or toes. 

I sat there, sipping my water and relishing the feeling of…freedom? Contentment?

I relaxed to the chorus of spring peepers and the soft warblings of a distant flock of fowl (wild turkeys may be?). The sweet scent and soft breeze. It seems different somehow…I don’t know why…the feel and the smell of the air.

It was just so…nice. So nice to be outside, to feel…hear…smell…the promise of…Spring!

Hope everyone gets to enjoy a little porch sitting, too.