Was just going through some of the photos taken in 2015 and came across this one that I never posted.



Had to share it. Although considered a weed (and even invasive), this plant has a certain beauty about it.

Teasel. Dipsacus. Dried flower heads were once used as a natural comb in the textile industry. Serves as a source of winter feed for finches.

Aggressive looking with its thorns, yet lovely with its flower.


Blizzard of 2016

Yesterday marked the year’s first real snow. One was hard pressed to find anything open. Businesses, schools, churches, government offices all closed ahead of the storm. That’s all good in my opinion. Safety first.

So, it was nice to be hunkered in BEFORE the storm instead of heading home during it. And when it was all said and done, I think we came out better than the media expected.

Regardless of the final total, the snow is gorgeous. Fluffy, soft and so…clean. It’s also fun. The first real snow of the season was/is a big hit with the pups. 

 Outside for most of the day, we went for our usual pasture walks, played with the frisbee and just ran as dogs are apt to do. 

 All was so peaceful. Very few cars on the road (should’ve been none!), no noises other than birds, the wind, and the sound of the snow flakes connecting with the earth. 

 Beautiful. Peaceful. Cleansing. We know that we are lucky. 


Rain poetry – a haiku, a silly song, and a limerick

The Gauge

The Gauge

Rain, hitting the roof

Rhythmic staccato patters

Ground, satiated.

The barrow

The barrow

There’s rain in my barrow, dear Liza, dear Liza

There’s rain in my barrow, dear Liza, a LOT!

Photo from a Spring Rain...but there are similarities

Photo from a Spring Rain…but there are similarities

Rain peppering the red metal roof

Sends punctuated, pinging proof

That the weather outside

Keeps the people inside

Or risk getting soaked through-n-through like a goof