Eggs: do 2 a day = longevity?

In the news this week were stories about two ladies who happened to be the oldest living folks on the planet. 

Sadly, Susannah Mushatt Jones passed away. She was 116. Her successor, Emma Morano, lives in Italy and is also 116.

A common link between these two amazing women, aside from being the last folks on the planet born in the 1800s, is EGGS.

That’s right. Eggs. Both ladies supped on a healthy breakfast of eggs each and everyday.

It’s never too late to start…so I’m happy to report that dad and I worked this weekend to get the chicken coop ready for action!

We worked diligently. Dad was on a mission (he prefers eggs with bacon, but Wilbur is off limits).

We had close snoopervision, of course.

But we got it done except for a few tiny finishing items.

Best boxes. We’ll build more, but for now, these will accommodate the 8 laying hens we’re getting from our neighbors.

The roost above a poo catcher shelf.

The door out (will go to a run and into the garden):

The plan is to use deep litter and electrified fencing (for rotational foraging and teaching dogs no touchy any chickies!!!!).

So there ya have it. 8 layers are coming to us soon. We retro fitted an existing building using scrap woods and recycled items. Eventually, we will expand the flock. We’ve room to grow in the coop. For now, it’s a good start. 

Time to get into the eggs-for-breakfast habit. Who knows how long that will grant us!

Our new pasture management plan

Meet this guy, our new pasture management equipment:

yet to be named

yet to be named

I cheated and posted a pic of him on Instagram already. So stinkin’ cute. He will be a welcome addition to the farm, perhaps as early as next week. We are watching out for another guy to purchase for his buddy.

He comes from this gal:



The gal on the RIGHT. Brown Swiss cross, “Essence of Loveliness” as named by Jordan. Essence will be coming to the farm as soon as she comes off milking. We got delayed by life, by weather and by the lack of financial resources…but soon we will have fencing installed and some real-life lawn mowers.

Won’t this guy



be happy to have some buddies! Stay tuned.

Welcome to PTHF, Wilbur

He’s some pig! Here is how we got him home… First – Jordan with some help from Dad built him a home on skids. We have every intention of rotating Wilbur all around the farm….perform some free tillage, grub removal, aeration, and fertilization. The pig palace was pulled on its skids by a chain looped over the Toyota tail hitch…it worked like a charm!

Pig palace in place

Pig palace in place

The next step was fencing. For this first homesite, we are using cattle panels (50″ x 16′), t-posts (5-5.5 feet) and a lot of wire ties. Eventually, Wilbur will be trained to electrified fencing…perhaps sooner than later depending on how long it takes him to tear up this first section of earth!

Not a bad view...

Not a bad view…

That was enough for one day. Now, for day two…getting the pig to his new home. For that, we needed a bit of help from our super neighbor and his modified-for-hauling-pigs trailer.

Moving day

Loading him up

Drop him off...move complete

Drop him off…move complete

Next work…paint his home a fun color and complete the roofing. Training to electric fencing. Then…he can live happily ever after…with fresh grass, less muck, a better diet and clear lifestyle!

Pig from afar

Pig from afar


So, we have our first livestock…a piglet. Our friends and neighbors built a pen and asked if we wanted to join them in purchasing a piglet to finish out and fill our freezer. We gave it a little thought and were excited about the prospect of having our first livestock…even if it wasn’t on our property.

So, we bought a pig…but after a little more thought, unlike the others who signed on for this adventure, we chose a female gilt. Why? Well, in case I name her of course.


Well, if I name her, odds are that she will never make it to our chest freezer. Yep. We are soft that way. Plan B is her temporary name. Meaning, if we cannot foresee her being in our freezer, we can get her bred and raise other piglets for sale (or for our freezer…as long as they don’t have names.




She loves our cucumbers.



She’s kinda cute.



Plan B.