Salad greens

Our last Pulaski market day

It is the last hurrah at the Marketplace, Pulaski. We have enjoyed, very much, selling at and attending this market. To celebrate the end of the season, I’ll be bringing:

– head lettuces
– loose leaf lettuces
– bell peppers
– hot peppers
– baby Nappa cabbages
– mixed greens (joy choi, mustard, kale, chard)
– green bean mix
– carrots
– radishes
– a sneak preview of our sweet potatoes (hello, Fall)!
– basil, bronze leaf fennel and lemon basil
– oh, yeah, some cherry tomatoes

I think that is it. See you soon!


Back on track

Hi Pulaski friends and neighbors!

We are happy to say that we will be back at the Marketplace tomorrow night, from 4-8, as well as next Tuesday to close out the market season. We sure have missed everyone!

I’ll be coming to town with a variety of lettuces – head and a loose leaf mixture – some bell peppers, hot peppers (we just pickled some yesterday and man, are they great), possibly some beans, carrots, radishes, Swiss chard, and herbs.

Ready for market!

Ready for market!


The title of this post reveals how many 1.5 inch soil blocks I got seeded tonight.

Six flats with 78-84 blocks each of red and green leaf lettuces, butterhead lettuces, summer crisp lettuces and romaine. Lovely.

Pelleted seeds are worth the extra dollar! So easy to work with…makes a chore seem much less so.

These varieties are not only beautiful out in the field, they are delicious eats, too! I’ve not been disappointed with any seeds I have gotten from Johnny’s.