Keep cool y’all


Mother Nature is so amazing. I mean truly, could this growing season be any more unpredictable?

We have already hit 90 degrees Fahrenheit as a day time high temperature for this month.

May’s rainfall total for the entire MONTH = 1.42 inches (plants need an inch of water a WEEK for proper growth and for seed germination).

Dead lettuce transplant

Dead lettuce transplant

The humidity is enough to need hourly showers.

Crazy stuff.

This season, we are experiencing the hot, dry summer event. At least so far. The bad news is, that some of our cooler season crops were lost to these conditions (head lettuces, bolting greens, spinach). Weed pressure is pretty high. AND it is REALLY hard to work outside in this types of weather. It is important to keep cool and hydrated, y’all!

Our Wonder Dog pool

Our Wonder Dog pool

The good news is that (hopefully) the summer main crops will excel this year. Things like tomatoes, beans, squashes, corn, cukes and so on and so forth should be quite productive.

Aaaaah, wouldn’t we love to finally have a successful tomato season and a year off from blight?!!!

So hang tight…it’s going to be interesting in the garden this year. Stay tuned for updates of weekly harvests on our Facebook page.

For now, keep the liquids nearby and be sure to take an occasional break in the action to cool it!

Gratuitous sunset

Gratuitous sunset


A spring rebirth…

Change was always a constant in my younger days.

Sometimes, change = stress.

Sometimes, change = renewal.

In the spirit of rebirth, for the love of spring (those reasons and the fact the blog was starting to look tired), we’ve revamped our site’s style. Hope you like it.