The Summer Garden

It’s full on summer in southwest Virginia. After weeks of dry, muggy, hot weather we had a brief break in the sweaty monotony with 80 degree temperatures that feel like 80 temperatures and not 180.

Our garden makeover is still underway concurrently with crop removals and relay plantings.

Pest pressure is high and the brassicas are under a full assault by harlequin bugs and cabbage worms. Flea beetles are rather bothersome, too.

Typical summer crops are king right now while we still try to figure out how to keep cooler season crops available.

What crops do you have going on? How do you manage the heat and insect pests? What tips can you share to keep brassicas and greens thriving?


Blacksburg, Radford, and Pulaski customers!  We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our produce shares to 40 spots (we’ll have a waiting list, too, so don’t despair)!

Added to this website, you will see just above this post a navigation area that now has link to “CSA Produce Share.” Click that link and head over to our CSA page for details and breakdown of the program or just click here and go directly to our CSA page.

In brief, we will ofter freshly picked, high quality produce each week to our share members over a 20 week season.  Members will be emailed (so be sure to fill out the contact form) the Sunday before the Pulaski and Blacksburg distribution (Radford may be added) days.  The email will contain a list of available produce, and share members will choose what items they would like in their bags.

Pick-ups will be in Pulaski (Tuesdays from 4 to 7PM at the Marketplace) and Blacksburg (day, time, and location TBD).  Bring your empty bag back and get a full one in return.  No fuss no muss, in and out and ready to eat…it’s just that easy!

We have three payment options: you can pay for the full 20 weeks and receive a discount, you can pay for each month, or you can pay by the week.

Signup today!  Harvest season is just around the corner!  I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some super fresh vegetables!

Fall cleanup…yes it’s March

I did some more fall cleanup in the garden today.  It was a rare rain-free day with the sun peeking through the clouds every now and then.


Fall cleanup in the new year

Wait.  What?

Oh yes.  You heard correctly…I said I did some FALL cleanup today.  March 2nd in the year of 2019.


Mud and muck from the incessant rains

If we write any kind of memoirs about our gardening experiences they would be mostly about what NOT to do.  Such as putting off fall cleanup until March of the next year.

But then again, I swear the only constants in our gardens that have happened since the early fall are rain and mud.  I do not exaggerate.  I am pretty certain that it has rained at some point each and every week since the month of September.  It’s weird.

I think it is safe to say our region is no longer in a drought…and mostly is in a surplus.  As in, we have standing water where we have never ever seen water.  Supersaturation.  Yep.

What’s it been like in your neck of the woods?  Is your garden season starting off as expected?