Meet the farmers

Jordan – a dreamer and creative thinker. Jordan has an agricultural background, having grown up on a small family homestead farm. Plus, he has a degree in Dairy Science (and Education). Aside from that, Jordan seems to know a lot about everything: plumbing, wiring, construction, small motor repair, farm equipment operation, politics, religion, trivia and just about anything else.

Amy – a planner and a analyzer. I have no agricultural background. In fact, I moved around a lot as a kid. That is the source of this dream – to put down roots. The want for roots coupled with a love of the area, of cooking, AND of eating great foods has made our garden a labor of love.

Photo credit – D. Ferrell

We are two folks who want to be farmers. In fact, it has been our life-long dream to be so! We love the lifestyle, the outdoors and the gratification we get from working hard. We are doing our best to learn how to improve our soil and maintain our land for the benefit of our crops, our customers, our environment and for ourselves. We fully believe in wholesome, high quality produce and the safe, responsible production of it. It is our passion. Heck, we can’t help it – we love to eat deliciousness! Please, come join us on this farm-to-table journey.

4 thoughts on “Meet the farmers

  1. Amy, its Martha Spencer from today’s Blacksburg Mkt. Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed meeting and learning from you today. Looking forward to talking with you again. Have a great week ahead!

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