Meet the farmers

Jordan – my rock and partner in making this dream a reality. Jordan has an agricultural background, having grown up on a small family farm. Plus, he has a degree in Dairy Science (and Education). Aside from that, Jordan seems to know a lot about everything: plumbing, wiring, construction, small motor repair, farm equipment operation, politics, religion, trivia and just about anything else.

Amy – a planner and a dreamer (walking contradiction). I have no agricultural background. In fact, I moved around a lot as a kid. That is the source of this dream – to put down roots. That and the love of the area, and I guess, hard work. I do have a degree in Biology and Veterinary Medicine (which means I know how to look stuff up to answer questions). I would love to have some animals one day to complete the picture (chickens, goats and cattle).

Marge – Jordan’s mom/my mom-in-law and our farm contributor. She has done it all from producing and processing her own foods (including meats) to raising her kids. She loves the great outdoors and the many wonders nature has to offer. She has many experiences that we can draw knowledge from as we move forward with our farm plan. She makes a mean meatloaf and pan of mac-n-cheese that are hard to beat!


  1. Amy, its Martha Spencer from today’s Blacksburg Mkt. Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed meeting and learning from you today. Looking forward to talking with you again. Have a great week ahead!

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