Fall cleanup…yes it’s March

I did some more fall cleanup in the garden today.  It was a rare rain-free day with the sun peeking through the clouds every now and then.


Fall cleanup in the new year

Wait.  What?

Oh yes.  You heard correctly…I said I did some FALL cleanup today.  March 2nd in the year of 2019.


Mud and muck from the incessant rains

If we write any kind of memoirs about our gardening experiences they would be mostly about what NOT to do.  Such as putting off fall cleanup until March of the next year.

But then again, I swear the only constants in our gardens that have happened since the early fall are rain and mud.  I do not exaggerate.  I am pretty certain that it has rained at some point each and every week since the month of September.  It’s weird.

I think it is safe to say our region is no longer in a drought…and mostly is in a surplus.  As in, we have standing water where we have never ever seen water.  Supersaturation.  Yep.

What’s it been like in your neck of the woods?  Is your garden season starting off as expected?

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