A fence within a fence

Our main growing area is protected from deer by a 8′ tall, extra heavy duty deer fencing.  The only downside to this deer fencing is that it is extra heavy duty plastic.

Rabbits have big, sharp, pointy teeth.

Snip snip.

Through the deer fencing they go.

It’s a super highway!

Do you know what makes it better?

Two large dogs.  Suddenly, a tiny rabbit-sized round hole becomes a Labrador-sized portal!

What this all means is:

  1. We’ve had no summer lettuces, greens, etc.
  2. We’ve planted no fall lettuces, greens, etc.

The remedy – a fence within a fence.  It finally happened today, with my Dad’s help.  The raised beds used for greens got enclosed in 1″ hex chicken wire fencing that is 4′ tall.  No, bunnies aren’t expected to jump THAT high, but if we’re working to keep them out, wouldn’t it be just a nice to keep the dogs out, too?  You bet.

A fence within a fence

Now, to get busy planting!!!!

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