Processing tomatoes

Hello and apologies for the long, awkward silence.  It has been a hectic year from the start.  New jobs and life rearing its head have caused the garden to be more in the background than in years past.

Add to that, some wacky weather, and it makes for a different growing season.  Despite the alternating drought and monsoon seasons, we are actually having a decent tomato crop at the moment.

So…although the number of farmer’s markets we usually sell at is a little less, we are working to prolong the bounty for us and others to enjoy down the road.

Yesterday and today mark the second processing of tomatoes into that magical elixir – SALSA.  A lot of picking, peeling and chopping took place yesterday and today is the canning part.



We mostly used Romas because we have a lot of them (prepared 32 pounds), and they are nice and meaty.



The finished product looks and smells good.  A taste test is soon to happen, but I have to get back to filling jars.

Here’s the recipe we followed: pnw_395_salsarecipesforcanning

Salsa Recipes for Canning from the Pacific Northwest Extension Publication – PNW395

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