Eggs: do 2 a day = longevity?

In the news this week were stories about two ladies who happened to be the oldest living folks on the planet. 

Sadly, Susannah Mushatt Jones passed away. She was 116. Her successor, Emma Morano, lives in Italy and is also 116.

A common link between these two amazing women, aside from being the last folks on the planet born in the 1800s, is EGGS.

That’s right. Eggs. Both ladies supped on a healthy breakfast of eggs each and everyday.

It’s never too late to start…so I’m happy to report that dad and I worked this weekend to get the chicken coop ready for action!

We worked diligently. Dad was on a mission (he prefers eggs with bacon, but Wilbur is off limits).

We had close snoopervision, of course.

But we got it done except for a few tiny finishing items.

Best boxes. We’ll build more, but for now, these will accommodate the 8 laying hens we’re getting from our neighbors.

The roost above a poo catcher shelf.

The door out (will go to a run and into the garden):

The plan is to use deep litter and electrified fencing (for rotational foraging and teaching dogs no touchy any chickies!!!!).

So there ya have it. 8 layers are coming to us soon. We retro fitted an existing building using scrap woods and recycled items. Eventually, we will expand the flock. We’ve room to grow in the coop. For now, it’s a good start. 

Time to get into the eggs-for-breakfast habit. Who knows how long that will grant us!

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