Music and Mom’s Day

After seemingly a month’s worth of rain in just a few days (and nearly a year’s worth of waiting), I obsessively watched the weather, anticipating Saturday.

This weekend was a fun-filled couple of days full of friends, family, great food and art.

Saturday featured my favorite local (Blacksburg) artist as we welcomed Kat Mills (Polys) to Pear Tree Hill Farm. The weather held (and we exhaled after a few rain drops fell, wound up with sunburns by the end of the show, and saw double rainbows before dusk).

Double bows
Double bows
Rain and sun
Rain and sun

Friends and family came out.

Enjoying the moment
Enjoying the moment

Food and good cheer abounded.IMG_2517

Then sweet music filled the air.

Kat Mills - farm concert 2016
Kat Mills – farm concert 2016
Awesome live performance!
Awesome live performance!

Many thanks to everyone who came out, brought food and beverages, and filled the tip jar. What a great day. We really must do this again….it is the ONLY way to fully enjoy our local talent. Kat Mills, thanks for sharing yours.


Kites. Dogs. Fire pit. S’mores.

Atticus has a girlfriend
Atticus has a girlfriend

Saturday was a great day.


Sunday continued the good feelings as family gathered at the farm and we gave thanks to our mothers. Dogs ran about, albeit much slower than on Saturday. Fresh trout was smoked on the grill and some great leftovers from Saturday were revisited. Thanks to both moms for joining us for the concert and for a casual Sunday that still gave us some sunshine and joy.

We hope you and yours had a great weekend and special mother’s day, too.

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