Garlic and greens under cover

Not much is going on at the moment because of this:

 That’s what we got Wednesday night. Highly unlikely that our area is under drought conditions any more!

Aside from a row of carrots and oodles of potatoes that we are over wintering, here is all that’s happening so far for our fall prep: 

 – not a ton of stuff, but tucked in under those covers are our garlic cloves and a row of lettuces, greens, and turnips. 

Hopefully, we’ll have some drying of the soil and can resume raised bed construction.

One comment

  1. Going out tomorrow with homemade chicken soup(Pollo Borracho)? Drunken Chicken Soup/Mulligatawney Anyway it is good and since it will be cold at the farm it will be appreciated. Ben and Jett are still clean from their bath and blow out on Monday, we will see what stinks and needs to be rolled in. More updates after the visit! Marge and the Mutts

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