Spied this guy after I picked a peach. 

 Can you see how huge this thing is? 

 This beastie is a wheel bug…a true bug related to assassin bugs (and stink bugs). 

A real predator. I mean…look at that mouth (apparently, if handled roughly, it gives a painful bite)! 

This true bug is the largest of its kind. It is also the only U.S. insect with a crest. Thankfully, it likes to stab and inject a paralytic toxin into soft-bodied insects like caterpillars and garden pests such as bean beetles. They like to hangout in fruit trees (thus the discovery in one of peach trees). 

A remarkable creature and an interesting find. Welcome to the orchard and garden(s)…eat all you want.

Great info from Tx A&M and from the U of Florida about this beneficial bug.

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