New additions…

It’s another rainy weekend. Mother nature is making planting quite challenging. As seems typical…I am way behind…..what to do about it? How about increasing the distractions?


Well, to be more specific…adding two four-legged distractions.

I think it was meant to be…just pursuing craigslist over lunch and coming across an ad for lab pups…farm dogs from birth. There isn’t much more to say, really. It seemed meant to be (and reminiscent of how I came to meet my previous lab, Radley Jean). So, last night, we drove to Appomattox and came home with two lab pups…a male (white) and a female (black)…names still pending.

Our first pasture walk

Our first pasture walk

We welcome these two distractions to PTHF and to our busiest time of year.

Two more Wonder Dogs (won’t the existing 4 be thrilled? Not likely).

Hope you’re game for the crazy ride that lies ahead!


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