Welcome to PTHF, Wilbur

He’s some pig! Here is how we got him home… First – Jordan with some help from Dad built him a home on skids. We have every intention of rotating Wilbur all around the farm….perform some free tillage, grub removal, aeration, and fertilization. The pig palace was pulled on its skids by a chain looped over the Toyota tail hitch…it worked like a charm!

Pig palace in place
Pig palace in place

The next step was fencing. For this first homesite, we are using cattle panels (50″ x 16′), t-posts (5-5.5 feet) and a lot of wire ties. Eventually, Wilbur will be trained to electrified fencing…perhaps sooner than later depending on how long it takes him to tear up this first section of earth!

Not a bad view...
Not a bad view…

That was enough for one day. Now, for day two…getting the pig to his new home. For that, we needed a bit of help from our super neighbor and his modified-for-hauling-pigs trailer.

Moving day
Loading him up
Drop him off...move complete
Drop him off…move complete

Next work…paint his home a fun color and complete the roofing. Training to electric fencing. Then…he can live happily ever after…with fresh grass, less muck, a better diet and clear lifestyle!

Pig from afar
Pig from afar

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