Honeybees, take three

Hopefully, the third time is the charm. This bee package is the third I’ve purchased in as many years, the second try for this top bar hive my dad built last year.

Installing bees

Installing bees

Last year, things seemed to be going so well…then boom. Done. I thought maybe the hive got robbed. After talking to some of the experienced bee keepers at the pickup site (of the bee package), it was suggested that my last hive died of either pesticides or starvation. Huh. Not happy with those possibilities. Not at all.

At any rate…at least this honeybee package will have a little advantage over last year’s bees…pre-built comb.



Some (um all) of it is crooked. I learned during the off season that the hive needed to be level (fixed that). I learned about cross comb (comb that goes from one top bar and crosses over to another), and that cross comb needed to be straightened as soon as it is noticed. Will do for sure this year. Some comb is cracked and some needs cleaning, but it is all usable.

Hopefully, the comb will allow the new bees to focus energy on the blooms that are opening up all around and build up lots of honey and pollen stores for the long haul.

Coming Saturday, my first hive check and more syrup.


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